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Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
Geker black ink cartridges
  • SKU: BM580X3

Geker 3-pack 580XXL black ink cartridges for Canon Pixma TR8550 Series

€25,99 €45,99

Geker printer cartridges use advanced chips which are highly compatible and compatible with the original manufacturer, superior quality that uses high quality ink to enhance the color intensity, and the details can be highly restored, high quality ink, precise printing, high color density . Natural and clear, fine particles without deviation, full of layers. The degree of reduction is high and the paint can be stored for a long time. The simple installation of the printer cartridge saves time. High quality ink cartridges can be used in Canon printers in schools, corporate offices, banks and other places, but also for printing photos of individuals or families.


PGI-580XXL pages result in 600 pages / piece, 5% coverage.

All ink cartridges are equipped with the latest chips and high-quality ink, so that with GEKER ink cartridges you can guarantee 100% recognition, excellent print quality and good ink control.

Chip The latest chip has an accurate ink level and is compatible with the printer. High quality ink for crisp, crisp printing.

Printer Compatibility: TR 7500 Series / TR7550 / TR 8500 Series / TR8550 / TS6100 Series / TS6150 / TS6151 / TS6240 / TS6241 / TS6250 / TS6251 / TS8100 Series / TS8150 / TS8151 / TS8152 / TS8240 / TS8241 / TS 8242 / TS 8250 / TS8251 / TS8252 / TS9100 Series / TS9150 / TS9155 / TS9500 Series / TS9540 / TS9541 C / TS9550 / TS9551


Brand: GEKER

Model Number: X3

Color: Black

Ink color: Black

Item weight: 159 g

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.4 x 4.6 cm


Please confirm your printer model before ordering.

GEKER PGI-580 CLI-581 ink cartridge is not an original ink, but is 100% compatible with the original printer.

Do not touch the chip, remove the orange label before installation and insert the ink cartridge directly into the appropriate slot.

If your printer does not recognize the ink cartridge or the print quality is poor (line / light), reinstall the ink cartridge.