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Why choose a compatible toner cartridge

durch ybbGeker auf June 18, 2020

Toner is a powdered ink contained in the "cartridge". Toner is mainly used as a colorant in laser printers and copiers to create printed images on paper. Most toner cartridges contain a toner component. You can purchase a toner cartridge with a compact toner cartridge and a toner cartridge with a separate drum unit (developing unit).

Original manufacturer toner cartridges are expensive. In addition to the original toner, which is provided directly by the printer manufacturer, we have another option: compatible toner!

On the other hand, it makes sense from our environment and your expenses for printer accessories to select consumables for recycling. Empty ink cartridges are usually still in good condition, and it's easy to make a second round of toner in a laser printer. If it is not destroyed but recycled, valuable resources and raw materials can be saved, which are necessary for the manufacture of a new toner cartridge. This in turn also means that the price for recycled toner cartridges is much cheaper than the price for original toner cartridges!

The quality of the compatible toner is everyone's business. However, as long as you are using a high quality compatible toner cartridge, you don't have to worry about the printing results. Compared to the original toner cartridge, they don't seem to differ very much in the print results. So do not think that compatible toner cartridges are not as good as the original printer's toner cartridges because they are not of good quality. You can buy them from excellent suppliers.

What types of replacement toner cartridges are available?

You can choose between "Recycled Toner" and "Refill Toner":
Refilling the toner: Refill the empty toner cartridge with new toner.
Recycled toner: To do this, fill the empty cartridge with new toner and replace all wearing parts. These components include imaging drums or magnetic rollers: if individual parts are defective, replace them with new components. Therefore, they are generally of better quality than refill toner.