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Printer and toner cartridges, which one should I choose

durch ybbGeker auf June 19, 2020
What is an ink cartridge?

Ink cartridges, their contents (i.e. ink) always flow. The printer cartridge system of all manufacturers is almost the same: There is a container with a sponge filled with ink. The ink tank either contains the printing technology directly, the so-called print head, or is connected to a print head permanently installed in the printer.

When printing with an inkjet printer, the ink in the ink cartridge transfers images and text to the paper as it is printed. To do this, insert the ink cartridge into the printhead. The liquid ink is stored in a sealed aluminum foil container. When a small seal of ink transfers ink to the paper to create an image, the printhead moves back and forth on the page. The printhead usually contains hundreds of small hole printing nozzles. They are controlled electronically via printed circuit boards. On request, a drop of ink (usually no more than 1-2 picoliters) can be heated by electricity. The ink expands into bubbles until it bursts and is sprayed onto the paper through the print nozzle.

What is a toner cartridge?

A toner cartridge is an ink cartridge that uses a charging roller to suck up fine dry powder onto paper. Regardless of whether it is the original product from a printer manufacturer, a compatible or double toner cartridge, or a toner refill (i.e. refill), toner is always powder and often decisive for the difference in quality, performance and color fidelity.

As with ink cartridges, there are two different versions of toner cartridges: pure toner cartridges inserted into the printer that contain all of the printing technology. Or a sophisticated toner cartridge with its own components for transferring toner powder to paper.

The electric charge fixes the toner particles on the page and prints text and images on the page. The toner is heated by the heat roller, which fuses the particles together, and the print adheres accurately and continuously.

Simply put, inkjet printers use ink and laser printers use toner. The biggest difference between them lies in the materials they are made of: ink is liquid and toner is powder. The advantage of toner is that it is better for printing text and graphics, and the ink cartridge is better for printing photos on paper.