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Why use alternative ink cartridges

durch ybbGeker auf June 15, 2020

Now anyone who frequently uses printers in the office or at home knows why compatible printer cartridges are so popular. Due to the fact that ink comes directly from the printer manufacturer, toners and other printer supplies are usually expensive.

Benefits of replacing printer cartridges

The greatest benefit of using an alternative ink cartridge is that it can reduce printing costs.

Because the price for replacement cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper. The more printed, the more important the price of each page is. Users often notice the printer's affordable price. However, you should pay close attention to how many sheets of paper you need to print and the cost of using printer cartridges. For example, the black original black ink cartridge HP 301 XL (up to 480 pages) for the HP DeskJet 1050 costs around 18 euros, while the ink cartridge compatible with Agfa 530 pages costs only 16 euros. This means you can get more pages with less money!

So let's take note of the following facts. On the one hand, printer manufacturers usually attract users with cheap equipment, and then make big bucks on expensive ink cartridges and toners to make money. On the other hand, branded products themselves cause additional costs. You may have noticed this problem recently while shopping for clothes, smartphones, or even cars. Therefore, it seems logical to reduce printing costs by buying alternative products.

Another benefit is environmental protection.

It is definitely worth using alternative ink cartridges as refilled ink cartridges save time-consuming recycling and you are doing something good for the environment.

Disadvantages of replacing printer cartridges

The quality of replacement printer cartridges just keeps getting better, but bad products will still appear. Although they won't damage the printer, they will cause bad printing. Another problem is that incompatibilities arise because some manufacturers have installed chips to transmit information to printers and computers. If this chip is not present, the printer will not recognize the ink cartridge. Ink can also leak from inexpensive ink cartridges and damage the printer. Therefore, using third party ink cartridges will void the warranty of some printer manufacturers.

But don't worry, Geker ink cartridges don't have this problem. We use high quality ink, precise printing and high color density. The printing effect is natural and clear, fine grains without deviation, rich texture layering. Our ink cartridges are highly compatible with advanced chips and with the original factory. Finally, its simple installation saves time and effort, so you can get started printing quickly.