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How often should i check the tire pressure

It is very easy to check the tire pressure on a tire. All you need is a pressure gauge. Then all you need to do is make sure the tire is checked when the tire is cold. If you check the tire pressure after a long journey, the reading will be inaccurate because the heat temporarily increases the tire pressure.
durch ybbGeker auf July 06, 2020

Why should you check the vehicle's tire pressures and inflate the tires

Daily maintenance is very important for cars. But sometimes we ignore some things, such as one of the chores of daily car maintenance: check the tire pressures and top up if necessary.

durch ybbGeker auf July 01, 2020

Printer and toner cartridges, which one should I choose

Inkjet printers use ink and laser printers use toner. The biggest difference between them lies in the materials they are made of: ink is liquid and toner is powder. The advantage of toner is that it is better for printing text and graphics, and the ink cartridge is better for printing photos on paper.
durch ybbGeker auf June 19, 2020

Why choose a compatible toner cartridge

Original manufacturer toner cartridges are expensive. In addition to the original toner, which is provided directly by the printer manufacturer, we have another option: compatible toner!
durch ybbGeker auf June 18, 2020

Why use alternative ink cartridges

Now anyone who frequently uses printers in the office or at home knows why compatible printer cartridges are so popular. Due to the fact that ink comes directly from the printer manufacturer, toners and other printer supplies are usually expensive.
durch ybbGeker auf June 15, 2020